Who we are






The Louisville Black Lawyers Association, Inc.

Upon its founding, the Louisville Black Lawyers Association, Inc., a member of the National Bar Association, Inc. (NBA), set out to encourage, support and increase the number of minority attorneys in the Louisville Metro Community, as well as to break down barriers impeding the success of such attorneys.  The membership is open to all attorney's involved in the general bar in the Louisville Metro Community.  

The Louisville Black Lawyers Association, Inc. is determined to:

  • Advance the science of jurisprudence;
  • Improve the administration of justice;
  • Preserve the independence of the judiciary and to uphold the honor and integrity of the legal profession;
  • Promote professional and social intercourse among the members of the American, Kentucky and Louisville bar associations;
  • Promote diversity in the practice and study of law through mentoring and scholarships;
  • Promote legislation that will improve the economic condition of all American citizens, regardless of race, sex, or creed in their efforts to secure a free and untrammeled use of the franchise guaranteed by the Constitution of the United Sates;
  • Protect the civil and political rights of the citizens and residents of the United States; and 
  • Support and increase the African American Bar Membership.

If you would like to learn more about our organization or are interested in becoming a member please feel free to contact us.  Our mailing address is PO Box 70333, Louisville, KY 40270 and we can be reached by email at lblassoc@gmail.com.  Thank you for your support.